Putt-Putt Travels Through Time – How to Win the “Unwinnable” Scenario

This guide will show you what to do if the lunchbox spawns in the “prehistoric” period.

Guide to Win the “Unwinnable” Scenario

What to Do

If this happens, you have to to back into the “medieval” period to get armor. To do this, you need a nickel. Assuming you didn’t use the nickel from Toby, you should give it to the person making armor then give him the nickel. (I didn’t know his name) You should then receive the armor then you would go back to the “prehistoric” period to get the lunchbox. But in this scenario of item spawns, the history report should spawn in the museum in the “future” period.

To get the history report, you need to replace it with a newspaper from the “Wild West” period. But you need a nickel to buy the newspaper. This is where a lot of people can’t figure out what to do, sense you already used the 2 nickels in the game. One in the beginning to start the time portal, and one from Toby you used to get armor. The next section explains how to get more nickels in a simple way.

How to Get the Nickels

In the game, it appears there are only 2. Negative. You can get more by re-oiling Toby. I tried this myself and it worked. This should be enough to buy the newspaper and get the history report.

Extra Facts

For some who don’t know how to retry once you beat the game, wait until the credits are done. It should then ask you to try again or not.

The more you beat the game, the item spawns and scenarios will get slightly more difficult. It could even take a slight bit more time if you don’t press the skip button.

For PC, press the “esc” or “escape” key to skip the scenes and get through the game faster. This will skip the characters from talking and Putt-Putt will instantly move to where you selected him to go.

Almost everything in the background can be clicked to show random movement and action.

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