Pronty – Boss Rush Guide

Hi, since I was trying many builds to find a way to clear the boss rush easily without having to spam the attack buttons so much and hurt my body, I finally found a build to easily cheese(?) the game by doing so much dmg without having to risk much. Hope this helps!

The Build

The build is to hold the power grinder (charging the attack) move and spam dash for i-frame and dealing dmg:

  • Electro Enchancement – this is the key thing I missed for a long time. By increasing the dmg area, you don’t have to risk being too close to the bosses. Thus, increasing the survivability and the DPS as well since every dash attack will connect with the bigger AOE.
  • Compression Circuit – for stamina regen
  • Eye of Ares – for stamina regen
  • Pro-Efficiency – for reducing stamina used for spamming dash
  • Mustard Gas – for dmg (maybe can be swapped?)
  • Eye of the Marksman – for dmg (maybe can be swapped?)
  • Eye of Udjat – for leeching HP, increasing survivability (maybe can be swapped if you don’t get hit that much)

Note: All bosses are fought using the same strategy described above, even the Garbage Maiden. If you dash-attack it, it will teleport away but just keep doing it before the ghosts can catch up with you and you’ll be fine.

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