Progress Game – Short Guide to Progress

Designed to take you into the Infinite Burrow from scratch.

Going from Zero to Hero in Progress

The game is pretty self explanatory, so this guide will only cover basics.

Starting Out

When you first land in the game, you’ll be hitting some snails. You’ll be doing this, and while you kill them you’ll unlock new crafting recipes. As soon as you have the resources to craft new gear you should do it!

As you kill monsters, you gain resources. You will use these to craft + upgrade gear.

Gear + Upgrades

For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to gear as T1 through T6 (effectively Tier 1 through to Tier 6) with T6 being the best gear and T1 being the first gear you unlock.

Gear is without a doubt the most important thing in the game. But alone it’s pretty underwhelming when you fight monsters. So we need to upgrade it.

Upgrading your gear increases stats dramatically, making kills and gathering more resources faster. But you need to decide where you want to stop upgrading a piece of gear. This is personal preference for the most part, but I’ll share what I did.

From T1 to T4, I upgraded every piece of gear to +3 or +4 and Shiny Quality. This allowed me to consistently get faster kills as I upgraded and “Progress” relatively fast.

Tier 5 I made sure to fully upgrade my weapons to Masterpiece +6 and I kept my armour at +4 or +5 with Shiny Quality.

Tier 6 you want to completely upgrade to Masterpiece +6 for every piece of armour and 2 of each weapon, since you can dual wield.

Weapon Mastery’s

Weapon Mastery’s are the second most important part of the game, as they give powerful bonuses when you level them up. They’re very self explanatory so you should decide for yourself which you want to level up first.

Be aware you get DOUBLE the effect of a Mastery when you use the corresponding weapon for it. This means you can get the full effect of 2 Mastery’s when you are able to dual wield weapons.

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