Primal Carnage: Extinction – How to Destroy Groups

This guide’s purpose is to inform as many people as possible on how to destroy groups in PCE. Said groups can be very deadly and nearly unbreakable on certain maps, but with the right team that thinks and knows what it’s doing it’s doable. I encourage you to read this guide thoroughly.

Groups – Why Are They So Deadly?

Groups in PCE are often formed randomly, both groups of humans and groups of dinos can be very dangerous to enemy players. Basically the only way to counter them is to attack them IN a group or launch a coordinated attack. In this guide I’ll talk about various different matchups and try to tell you how exactly you should approach a group and who you should focus. But before that I’ll answer the question, why are groups so deadly? Let’s start with human groups, on certain maps they’re really, really strong. For example contigency, it’s a perfect map for Scientist, she can snipe whatever will decide to approach her and now if that Scientist is standing in a group of Pathys, Mandos etc, with landmines protecting her it will be very hard to get close to her and kill her. While Pathys and Mandos destroy bruisers and predators Scientist can stand behind them and get a lot of free hits/kills. But there are also maps where dinos usually dominate the enemy team. One of those maps is Marsh, the swamp map. There’s not many spots where humans can camp and not a lot of open space for Scientist to look at. Dinos thrive in environment like this, Tyrants can go in, eat a human and hide behind something, then repeat, all that while smaller dinos kill humans. Stopping dinos from doing that on Marsh is very hard, it would require a good team to camp on one of the bridges and focus the Tyrant whenever it appears. Tranqs help with that but I’ll get into it later.

Humans Vs Dino Groups – How Do You Beat Them?

I’ll use Marsh as an example, it’s a map where dinosaurs are very hard to stop, but it’s definitely doable. First things first, it requires a decent team, if your team is made out of people who walk around the map solo and wonder why they die a lot, you probably won’t win the match. If your team isn’t that bad but you see that they’re struggling, tell them to camp a bridge on the chat. They may or may not listen, but the effects may change your team score drastically, from like 120 for dinos and 71 for humans to 160 for dinos and similiar score for humans if you move to the bridge early enough.

But now you’ll start wondering-is the overwhelming firepower enough? The answer is, it’s actually enough in most cases. Unless you’re fighting with extremally skilled dinosaur team, if yes you might want to use Tranq Rifle Scientist, or play as an extra Trapper with ammo packs or Commando with medkits. Those 3 builds are VERY helpful with destroying groups. TR Sci lets you kill Tyrants and Bruisers even faster than normally, thanks to the strong DoT. Worse alternative is DB Pathy, DB deals a lot of damage but has slow reload, so it’s not as effective. You can use it if you think your team needs it or if you can’t pick Sci because class is full or something. Mandos with medkits and Trappers with ammo packs keep the group in shape, provide health and ammunition.

Another things that would help the human team in a situation like that are flares, they disorientate enemies, make it harder for Tyrants to grab someone and counter bruisers well. So you can use DB/flare Pathy build AKA the annoying Pathy. They can oneshot small dinos and do a lot of damage to bruisers and tyrants and hide near flares while reloading. Pyros are also good since they can hit multiple enemies with the flamethrower now. With a team like that you should be able to win against an average dino group.

Dinos Vs Human Groups – How Do You Beat Them?

I’ll use Transfer as an example, keep in mind that Tyrants would be much more important on other, more open maps. They’re also important here, but it depends where exactly humans are camping. If the humans are camping in the building near those acid boilers where you throw people in as ptera, Tyrants can’t do much besides waiting till someone comes out to grab a medkit or something.

The fate of the dino team is in hands of Bruisers, Predators and Spitters. Carno and Cerato are very deadly in this tight space, carnos do the usual run throughs and ceras run in while holding LMB and try to kill as many humans as possible with bites which heal them. However both of them (especially carnos) are vulnerable to DB shots. Unless some flyer has roared and highlighted humans for you, you do not know who is behind a wall, you might as well run in, get a db shot to the face+hatchet and die in like 2 seconds. That’s why flyers are more or less necessary on this map, but not as important as the other classes. Predators, especially Novas with their Frenzy ability can be very deadly. But the ability makes you vulnerable (takes your stamina away, puts all stamina into biting) so not many people use it. However a Nova that doesn’t use Frenzy should not be underestimated, after recent buffs their turn radius is very good, they basically turn in place now. They also 4 shot humans so if you get close to someone who is not pyro or trapper you will most likely kill him. Ovi’s health has been nerfed so it is not as powerful in this situation, it’s just a bit more agile than Nova now. I can’t believe I’m saying that but use pounce to quickly slay whoever leaves the building to grab a medkit. Spitters on the other hand are squishy but useful in destroying groups. Dilos can run through the group and leave like 6 enemies taking DoT from venom and Cryos can lurk on the roofs and spit on humans (try to spit on Mando’s medkits and Trapper’s ammo packs if you can). Cryos are especially powerful because if there’s a few of them they can just spit a lot and not let the humans move anywhere without taking damage. Don’t forget about Predators and Bruisers constantly trying to kill humans inside the building, in that case the dino horde is really hard to beat.

Okay but how does Tyrants take part in this madness? Most importantly they roar and they don’t let anyone leave the building without getting eaten. Ironic, the building that was supposed to make humans win will be their nightmare. Let’s come back and talk about roars tho, they’re powerful abilities that put a buff on nearby teammates, if used correctly, the tyrant can buff the entire team. Spino’s roar gives you an armor buff, therefore you take less damage. Acro’s roar heals you and Rex’s roar gives you a damage buff. Here are some examples of Tyrant roar combos:

  1. The Acro’s undead army (Acro/Predators/Spitters combo) This combo helps packs of Predators and Spitters with surviving constant fire and lets them get ready to fight as fast as possible. Acro’s heal compared with heals from melee kills make it really hard to actually kill those small critters cuz they just heal all the time.
  2. Spino’s armored chargers Spino’s armor buff gives Carnos and Tupas extra protection that they need to survive charging into the group of humans. It simply works very well. And it will be even better once Tupa gets the armor on its head.
  3. Rex’s minions This combo is imo the best one on this list. T-Rex’s roar buffs damage, which works great with Ceratos. Cera with Rex buff 2 shots humans, which is extremely powerful so try to use your roar as Rex when there are Ceratos nearby.

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