Potionomics – Gardening Explained & Exploit

How to garden, and how to exploit it.

How It’s Supposed to Work

I think the way this is intended to work, is it will produce one of any ingredient per 2-3 turns, per slime.

If the ingredient has even one magimin color matching the slime, it will take a maximum of 3 turns. If there’s no match, it can take much longer.

In addition, once you’ve chosen an ingredient to duplicate, you can feed it additional ingredients to produce more output at the end. This is done by filling up the number bar shown below the slime, the total mgimin value of the “food” will be added to the bar and increase output.

If the “food” has even one matching magimin with the color of the slime, the total magimin value is doubled for filling up that bar.

Usually you would not want to feed the slimes, unless it’s ingredients you don’t want, since any additional product you get will usually have less total magimin than the food you have to feed in. However there’s an, oversight of sorts.

The Oversight

Since the magimin required in food does not depend on the magimin value of the ingredient you’re duplicating, if the thing you’re duplicating is high enough in magimin, it is possible to get more out of the slime than you feed it in food.

If you toss in some of the mana items, you can feed the slime an additional of the same item, and get 4 back out in 3 turns. So instead of producing 1 like intended, you produce 2, for free.

If you toss in the Mass Grave Enoki, which has a total of 336 magimin value, and then toss in another one as food, you get 5x output, for 3 production over 3 turns, for free.

In fact you can toss in another one and get 7x output, for 4 production over 3 turns, for free.

Note there’s diminishing returns to production increase, each new level requires more magimin input. If you use yet another Enoki you only get 1 more output, making it pointless.

Also since all of these mana items have all 5 magimin content, they can be fed or duplicated in any of the 5 slimes. As for the Enoki mushroom, it has 4 so it can still be used in any of the 4 slimes.

In fact this can produce so many Enoki mushrooms, you can keep duplicating it on one slime, and use the production to fuel all other 4 slimes to duplicate whatever you want, for 5x output on all of them, every 3 turns. Which is about 4x as strong as perhaps the intended effect of gardening.

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  1. It seems like my slime is eating the materials sometimes and not giving them back. has that happened to anyone?

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