Pixel Worlds – How to Make Some Quick Money with The Lv1 Mine

If you are just starting out, you can use this simple technique to make some starting money.

The Goal

The goal is to enter the mine, go straight for the exit, repeat.

It’s very simple really:

  • Get a crappy pickaxe (free if you are new).
  • Enter mine level 1.
  • Go down and exit as fast as possible.
  • Make and sell bronze keys for 150-180 bytecoins each.
  • Do not bother with nuggets, crates, or ores.
  • Do not forget to grab some light crystals.

Read next section for more help while doing so.

Get Through the Mine Efficiently

If you struggle to exit without dying, or if you complete mines too slowly (more than 2 minutes per mine), this section should help you.

The Enemies

In level 1 mines, the enemies are not a big threat. Mine monsters have really low HP and will die to less than 5 hits from a pickaxe. You will not need any health potions. The general strategy is to just go and attack them, but if you need it, here is a small strategy guide for each monster:

Rocky horror (the slime-like gray spike summoner):

Simply avoid the spikes. Almost always there will be 1 or 2 spots without spikes, stand on them. When the spikes are gone, approach and attack it.

Deep maggot (the spiky monster with the red eye):

The monster itself is extremely slow, and will take around 2 seconds to ready up a projectile aiming at the block you were standing when it rose from the ground. Unless you are standing still, you will almost never be hit by its projectile. Ignore the projectile and go hit him.

Gassy (the green one):

Unless you are near it in an enclosed space, it’s not a big problem. The poison is annoying at best, and an opportunity for other monsters to attack at worst. If it’s far away and there are rocks between you, it might also be stuck where it’s at. Keep moving when you hear it.

Giant bat:

Probably the least annoying and easiest monster to deal with. Just hit it when they are approaching, they die extremely fast. Sometimes you can even just outrun the bats without attacking them.

Overall, just don’t be scared by them, most of them are just annoying at worst.

Do Not Touch These Blocks!

Never touch mining bedrock, just go around it. it wastes too much time. Avoid mining hard rock (the white cube), unless you really have to, avoid this too. Do not bother with topaz, it is just too cheap and useless.


Watch your light meter. Pick up some crystals at the start and if you need to, take some while mining down. However if you run out of it, don’t search for it. Continue mining and only break one when you see one naturally.

If you have one, a wing really helps. After selling 2-3 bronze keys on the PWE, I would recommend getting a sprite wing or a pixie wing.

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