Phasmophobia – How to Bait Ghosts (Pictures and Hunts Professional)

This guide will show simple and easy method to bait the ghost.

Guide to Bait Ghosts


  1. Take two spirit boxes, activate both and put on floor.
  2. Turn off all lights.
  3. Sit next to a door (you can hold some open by crouching and walking into it at the hinges to stop them from locking).
  4. Start saying ‘give me a sign’, ‘scared’ and ‘let us know you are here’ (works at building entrances).
  5. Putting a crucifix behind you (out of line of sight) may or may not increase chances of bait
  6. Also dunno if this works all the time but worked twice for me.

Note: Devs should patch this I think.

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