Persona 3 Portable – Aigis Guide

How to spend every second with aigis and literally everything about her i like aigis alot.

Guide to Aigis

Aigis Info

Aigis joins S.E.E.S. on 21st July, though she would not become playable until 24th July, after the party returns from their vacation in Yakushima.

Aigis specializes in dealing physical damage of all types, learning Strike and Slash skills to complement her Pierce normal attack. She also learns buff skills to support her allies, picking up all three -kaja buffs and then later replacing them with their group-affecting versions. With her high Endurance and health, she is able to tank hits better than the other SEES members. Compared to Junpei, the other physical bruiser of the cast, she can’t hit elemental weaknesses at all, but has easy access to group-hitting physical skills starting with Swift Strike and later Heat Wave.

Unique to Aigis is her Orgia Mode, which can be triggered from the Tactics Menu. It takes a turn to execute, and clears Aigis of any ailments on activation. For the next two turns, Aigis’s offensive power increases but she also becomes completely uncontrollable, which is great for ending fights quickly. Once Orgia Mode expires, though, Aigis overheats and needs 3 turns to cool down, during which she cannot be commanded. Aigis’s Orgia Mode makes her skills free to use in Portable, reducing the risk of entering its cooldown period on low HP from skill use.

Aigis also eventually picks up a single healing spell Diarahan at level 59, but doesn’t learn any of its earlier iterations like Akihiko or Mitsuru would.

Aigis resists Pierce attacks, and is weak against Electricity. As a machine, she also has Poison immunity.

Aigis is the last party member to undergo an awakening, only doing so on December 30th. Her Persona transforms into Pallas Athena, making her completely bulletproof – immune to Pierce skills – and rounds off her skill set with Samarecarm and the strongest Strike skills in the game God’s Hand and Akasha Arts.

In a similar vein to Junpei, Aigis has a rocky start as her single-target buffs have very limited mileage. Her offensive skill set doesn’t scale very well either, as she reaches a plateau with medium-strength skills Swift Strike, Heat Wave and Fatal End and doesn’t pick up heavy-tier skills that serve as an intermediate before she learns her final physical attacks.

Once she reaches level 47 and starts picking up group buff skills, she truly starts to shine as she can augment the entire party at a moment’s notice, and becomes a strong party member for many bosses. Pair her up with Junpei and Koromaru (The Answer/Portable), and the three combined can set up group buffs for all combat aspects in one rotation. Once she gets Diarahan she also can serve as an off-healer and serves the party well when assigned to Heal/Support.

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