PAYDAY 3 – How to Deal with Endless Cops

Endless Cops Tips

Endless cops is triggered by the FBI Van (shoot the antenna), that NPC chick that never stops talking… ever… will remind you tho shoot the antenna… very often.

In fact she will remind you so often that you will start looking for the FBI Van just to make her shut up for a minute, rather than to stop the assault or once you trigger the exit.

On that Penthouse Map (sky something something… whatever) the exit is signaled with the flare.

Good thing about that map is that the loot-drop zone is on the ground and usually not too many bags get stolen.

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Also money is kinda the least important factor in this game, while camping in the toilett and shooting a lot is way more important… because modern game design.

So yeah, camp it out. Also throw a hostage in there so you dont get gassed.

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