Path of Exile – Tips for New Players

Tips Before You Getting Started

When Playing

“Nobody Plays Standard”… Play “League” or go home (People do play Standard mode. However, I am not sure what kinds of people that could be, what they look like, why they play standard, and what they do to themselves when nobody is looking. Be wary when traveling into the dark places if you decide to play “Standard.”).

League, softcore, mostfun mode.. is the most commonly played. Modes like Solo-Self-Found is exactly what it says it is. Though, it will have an increased drop rate for certain items because you can’t trade/obtain anything other than what you, yourself, get in-game.


There is a Campaign that you will progress through. You will eventually revisit some areas/towns, but the gameplay content will be different. It’s not like “Diablo” where you simply have an increased difficulty added to it, but you will experience your character’s resistances lowered and tougher mobs with many more mechanics added.

The unofficial “end” of the Main Campaign is when you finish Act 10. However, that is just the beginning for most players. After that, The Atlas opens up, which adds repeatable tiered RNG-generated content.

There’s a host of deep content and alternate play in PoE. It’s the most full-featued ARPG there is. Period. Exclamation Point. Nothing else in the ARPG realm can compete on a “content” basis (Or complexity, either). There are even specialty Character Builds tuned for that content. You will have the chance to exposed to most content/gameplay types in the game by the time you reach the Atlas.


Crafting is a HUGE part of PoE. So much so that many players specialize in the game’s crafting elements and nearly limit all their gameplay to crafting-oriented pursuits. The most expensive items in the game come from Crafting, but to be able to craft things like that… takes a LOT of effort and experience. Even so, crafting is something that EVERY player will do to some extent during play. If you’re looking for a game with deep crafting, you’ve found it. But, you don’t have to engage with it that much if you don’t want to. It’s not easily seen as being “optional” as you can trade with other players, but doing the little bits of stuff is as easy as a one-click. The biggest, most important/expensive crafts that can be gameplay defining… take much more effort.

General Tips

If it stays in your Stash longer than an Act or two’s worth of adventuring, either sell it to someone or crack it (vendor/turn-in/materials). You could, if it was an exceptional item, keep it for another character. Odds are, though, if you’re thinking about that… it’s likely trash and you should get rid of it, anyway. 🙂 (Some Unique items are very handy to hold onto, though, for leveling or if they’re key items for other builds.)

Die your way through the campaign if necessary. There is no contest to win, here, other than “took the longest to do anything worth the doings of, evar.” Push through the campaign as efficiently as you can. Once you get some gear, don’t bother upgrading until you absolutely need the extra sockets or find yourself dying too often.

For slower-paced players – It’s certainly worth exploring everything. That will slow you down, but if it’s your first time then go slow, no need to rush. But, if you want to get to the really juicy stuff quickly, don’t worry about missing out on Campaign stuff, other than the needed quests and skill points in each Act. — > You will not miss anything of consequences if you complete all the quests as quickly as you can, too.

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