Oxygen Not Included – Pacu: Pacubox 3.0 Blueprint

Pacu: Pacubox 3.0

  • Goal: Breed and starvation-ranch Pacus in a small box
  • Author: both Saturnus and Ishamoridin have worked extensively on improving Pacuboxes, the one displayed is from Saturnus.
  • Input: Algae/seeds for population growth, then only a bit of power
  • Output: Eggshells, Seafood

Pacus have the property of always laying an egg before dying as long as they are not cramped or confined, even when tame and not fed.

Pacuboxes use that property by having a single fed breeder to grow the population, and the rest starvation-ranched to provide an infinite source of Eggshells (for Lime) and Seafood (for Cooked Seafood then Surf’n’Turf). Once you reach your population goal, you can stop feeding the breeder.

This is the pinnacle of Pacuboxes, after numerous improvements, in a 5×5 box with no unused cell.

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