Overgrowth – Keybinds to Spawn Items

Hello, welcome to a guide on every or so keybind on how to play Overgrowth.

Keybinds to Spawn Items

  • So imagine you downloaded a mod right?? if you want to spawn it press F1 and if you have a 60% keyboard press FN + 1
  • And then you find the spawn menu, you want to become the human you spawned right??
  • Double click the guy and press shift + P
  • If you want to change character by default just press numbers from 1 to 0
  • If you wanna reset the level open the spawn menu, spawn something, go back and then press L
  • If you want to exit the spawn menu quick press 8
  • If you want to ragdoll without euphoria press M
  • If you want to ragdoll with euphoria but in a wounded position press N
  • If you want to ragdoll with euphoria press Z

Thats all I can give you buds…

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