On Rusty Trails – No-Pain Weltmeister Achievement (Keyboard Macro)

Keyboard Macro Guide

100% completion of this game is fairly straightforward – save for the Weltmeister achievement. If you are like me and went out of your way to wrap up everything else to do in this game in one playthrough, it is likely this will be the last achievement you go for.

I was about ~5000 jumps away from getting it, and I *really* didn’t want to go through the pain of sitting down and grinding it. So, i’m giving out my own solution to anyone else who doesn’t want to deal with the grind and hasn’t/can’t figure out how to set their own keyboard macros.

I used AutoHotKey to create the script, which is built in C++. If you’d like to copy+paste my code and make the .exe yourself, do so here:

Below is the code I made. Modify it as you please:

	while (GetKeyState("Space") ^ GetKeyState("=")) {
		Send "{Space up}"
		Sleep 10
		Send "{Space down}"
		Sleep 90
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