Nuclear War Simulator – How to Add Custom Music

Short and simple guide explaining how to add your select soundtracks to Nuclear War Simulator.

Adding Custom Music

Adding Music

First step: make sure that your tracks are in the .wav format. If they’re not, convert them to .wav using a great number of methods (via certain websites or programs, such as Audacity).

Second step: paste your tracks in the:

<your Steam folder location>\steamapps\common\Nuclear War Simulator\mods\Core\BackgroundMusic\1 folder.

Third step: enjoy the NWS.

I personally recommend you purchase DEFCON with soundrack, a great and extremely grim nuclear war-themed game; and use their eight amazing, dark tracks. They have to be converted.

You can remove all existing soundtrack files if they do not fit your theme; absence of original tracks doesn’t affect the game at all. That means you can safely remove original files and replace them with yours.

That’s it.

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