Notebook Entries Vol. 1 – Surviving the Night

Stage One

In stage one you break and enter someone elses house like a jerk.

The first step is turning all the lights on in the house, once you complete turning on all the lights go and turn one off. The whole house will go dark.

On floor two there will now be a blood trail visible from in your viewfinder. Follow the blood trail to start the encounter with chaos. As you likely won’t have your mic on you won’t need to worry, you can only make noise which can endanger you when the mic symbol is visible.

The monsters will mostly not be visible in the camera, as you move slowly you’ll be able to see grey black monsters , avoid touching them and make your way to the staircase avoiding the monster to the left of the blood stain in the hallway, one monster on the bannister hanging around and one monster walking along the landing atop the stairs.

once you turn the viewfinder around on the camera begin immediatly walking forward in order to evade the monster, if you get grabbed it’ll only send you back to the office stage so it’s not a tremendous setback.

On the first flood make your way to the front door on the left staying close to the walls as one monster does wander up the hall. You’ll find that the wall despite not being there in your camera view is blocking your way out. Turn around and walk back across the foyer towards the water closet, avoiding the few monsters which spawn [] once arriving in the toliet you’ll see a narrow path behind a wall , walk through it and procede up the stairs and take the trip [DO NOT STARE AT THE PASSANGER]

Once you’ve arrived you’ll be dropped into a white void where you’ll have to avoid the skins lying on the ground.

Stage Two

This stage take I feel an homage to that early 2010s webcomic of the boy looking across with his telescope at other apartments. Feel free to evaluate your neighbors it’ll be very evident which one you’ll need to look at to progress the story.

[But if you struggle bottom left]

The rest of this stage is simple to complete, activate the red objects


Congrats you’ve made it to the intermission, walking through this psychadelic charnal hallway until you bump into a less than friendly void-spirit.

The monster will challenge you to what is essentially the game diplomacy. If you issue 1 attack order in the same direction as it’s attack order then it’ll bound the attack, you can defend forever but the best way of acting is seeing when it’s blocking and attack from the opposite direction. You should remember that it’s perspective is looking at you.

After you beat stage one it’ll advance to stage two where it uses two issued directions increasing the difficulty but now it’s just even more like the game of diplomacy where both rounds are played but there is no one to wager with:

  • Block > = Attack <
  • Block < = Attack >
  • Attack > = Block >
  • Attack < = Block <

Section 3: Drive O Rama

This car spins like a beeyatch , you’ll eventually hit something in the road.

You’ll hit some deamon jelly jerk but that’s mostly because you don’t have a license plate.

Section Four: Poor Posture

In this section you’re playing a depressed bloke with poor posture, who doesn’t like looking up

Alas behold desolution, another void demon has arrived and snags you after raining down limbs on the baseball stands.

Section V: DDr

Click on the voice prompts as you are trying to get away from ‘them’

[Avoiding pausing as it’ll keep the subtitltes moving but they won’t vocalize till they hit their cue]

There are some prompts you’ll have to spell in order for them to work, something akin to the old typing of the dead game or any in that genre.

You’ll have to click the get up option

Then follow the voice in the bottom right

You’ll need to click hide

You’ll need to type Was

You’ll need to click on the office and then click to lock the door

You’ll jump out the window.

You’ll need to select the running man emoticon 3 time.

You’ll have to select the bolt cutters from your bad on mine they were in the right sector. No idea if this changes but didn’t during multiple runs

After this the creature will spot you and you’ll need to alternate click left mouse, right mouse to sprint to the next house. Listen to what you are being told.

Don’t get fooled by being told not to get up, missing the repeated prompt will cause a reset

Select get up several times then type hide to hide again in the closet.

Type SAS rather than Was

Back to the office, or maybe the red bedroom who knows what could happen there.

Select the option to stay in the bedroom

Kill lmao

Sector Six: Policia

Answer the call for domestic violence trooper

R to reload, Lmb for shoot

Congrats your the body cam.

Investigate upstairs, watch out officer,

Investigate the bathroom down the hall you’ll hear the sound of glass breaking, return to the hallway and guess what you forgot that it’s void demon day and this place is infested you’ll need to survive.

Blast the void demon back to hell and then investigate the rest of the top floor

After the next cutscene you’ll move down the hall and find a mutated surviror, assist her in evacuating the home.

Listen to the radio commands from the ghost SWAT teams

Beat the ♥ out of the next ghost you see, be police brutalitly. Recover your gun and then decide to explore the basement.

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