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A little guide to make your deep dish pizza taste better and go down easier.

Dark Stepping

Dark Stepping is sort of the NMH equivalent of Bayonetta’s Witch Time where if you perform it at the right time, the background darkens, time slows down, and you get a bunch of free hits.

Dark Stepping is performed in two ways, before an enemy attack hits (called On Impact Darkstep) and can also be done after blocking an attack (called Blocking Darkstep).

How to Perform (Xbox Controller):

On Impact:

Lock on to an enemy and flick the right analog stick left or right when an enemy’s attack is about to hit you.


Press the Lock On button to guard then after being blocking an attacking (wait a second) then move the left analog stick left or right. It does matter what direction you move the stick, it’s based on what enemy you are doing it against. Not sure if there is a list of which direction to flick against which enemy out there.

Side Notes:

With On Impact Dark Stepping there are seemingly two different types of On Impact Darkstepping where, depending on where Travis is in relation to the attack, the effect of the Darkstep changes. This is seen in the video where if Travis is too far away and does a Dark Step he just side steps around the enemy really fast. You have to do the Darkstep closer if you want the dark background and time slow effect.

The Darkstepping combo gives you iframes for a bit after the time stop effect stops. If you watch this video you can see it but be warned it has spoilers for one of the game’s late game bosses.

Counter Attack

The Counter Attack is performed by locking on to an enemy right as their attack hits and then pressing/mashing the attack button. It changes depending on what beam katana is equipped.

Side Notes:

Great for crowd control since the attack Travis does usually has wide range.

Misc. Stuff

Charge Slash tech:

So it seems like doing a charge slash (holding one of the attack buttons) gives Travis some I-frames for a bit after the attack. The charge slash can also be good for knocking enemies out of some of their own charge attacks (when they start glowing).

Best showcased in the fight of the late game boss in the Darkstepping section.

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