Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – How to Get the Unleash the DOOM! Achievement (Easy Way)

A big tip on how to get a rough achievement.

Unleash the DOOM! Achievement Guide

This achievement requires you to defeat 3 level 9 opponents on a team against you. A tall order (I think, haven’t played too much yet), but I just found an easy strat for getting it.

  1. Pick Toph VS 3 Zims, turn friendly fire on and go to the Loud House stage.
  2. Stand next to the steps and spam your down strong. Rain bridges on those fools as they keep walking right into it.
  3. If one of them slips by, try and fight them off or run away until you can get them all on the opposite side of the steps again.
  4. Destroy the Irken scum.

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