New World – Ultimate Camp Guide (How to Set Up and Upgrade)

This is a guide on Camps in New World. Read on to know how to upgrade your camp, including how to set camps up for resting, crafting, and respawning!

How to Upgrade Your Camp

Camp Tier increases together with your character’s level. A higher Camp Tier is rewarded when your character reaches a certain level and completes the required quest.

Camp Tier Progression

Camp Tier (Character Level Required Quest) – Requirement

  • Tier I (Lv. 5)- Survivalist Quest
  • Tier II (Lv. 15) – Survivalist: Friends in Fashion
  • Tier III (Lv. 25) – Animal Instincts
  • Tier IV (Lv. 40) – Survivalist: Lupine Observations
  • Tier V (Lv. 55) – Survavlist: Fading Lights

Check Your Camp Tier Progress

You can view your Camp Tier progression by pressing K, clicking on the Attributes tab, then clicking on View Leveling Rewards.

Benefits of Upgrading Camp Tier

As your Camp’s Tier increases, so does the quality of the recipes you can craft. Better food and potions will be available for crafting as you upgrade your Camp.

How to Set Up Your Camp

Place a Camp on a Flat Surface

When you’re in the open world and not on any specific Settlement, you can set up your own Camp by pressing Y and clicking on the ground you’d like to set it on.

Gather Green Wood and Flint

Once the Camp has been placed, you’ll have to build it by expending the following resources:

  • Green Wood – x5
  • Flint – x1

Camp Uses

Camps can be used to Rest and Craft basic recipes like Rations, Potions, Tools, and the like. They also serve as Respawn Points when your character dies from battle.

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