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Trade Skills

Trade skills come in the form of gathering, refining, and crafting.

  • Gathering Skills – The 5 Gathering Skills are Mining, Skinning, Logging, Fishing, and Harvesting. Leveling up a Gathering Skill unlocks the ability to gather different, higher-level resources as well as track items related to that skill. Miners gather Stone and Ore, Skinners gather Animal Hides, Loggers gather Wood, Fishers pull fish from the waterways, and Harvesters gather Fibers and some food items, Fruits, and Vegetables. As your skill at gathering increases, you also gain the ability to detect nearby valuable resources and find special resources that can modify items when crafting.
  • Refining Skills – The 5 Refining Skills are Smelting, Stonecutting, Woodworking, Tanning, and Weaving. Leveling up a Refining Skill unlocks the ability to refine higher-level resources into higher-level crafting materials. Smelters refine Ore into Ingots, Stonecutters refine Stone into Blocks and cut Gemstones, Woodworkers refine Wood into Lumber, Tanners refine Rawhide into Leather, and Weavers refine Fibers into Cloth. As your Refining Skill increases, it makes you more resource-efficient: higher-level refiners have a chance to gain extra refined resources while they refine.
  • Crafting Skills – The 7 Crafting Skills are Weaponsmithing, Armoring, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Arcana, Cooking, and Furnishing.
    • Weaponsmiths craft melee weapons.
    • Armorers craft soft and hard armors.
    • Jewelcrafters craft trinkets.
    • Engineers craft ranged weapons and ammunition.
    • Arcanists craft potions, tinctures, and magical weapons.
    • Cooks craft meals and non-magical drinks.
    • Furnishers craft furniture, storage, and trophies for houses.

It is possible to level up all of your trade skills, but that will take a lot of time. If you are looking to specialize, or make money, you could look to the trade market for buying & selling goods with other players. Trade markets are region based, which means your items your selling in one region will not be for sale in all regions, unless you specifically go to other regions to sell. This does mean you have different markets with different demands as not all resources are in the same regions.

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