New World – Things You Might Not Know

Things You Might Not Know

  • You can have spaces, punctuation, and multiple capitals in your name; thus you can have names like John Smith, Sgt. John Smith, Megan O’Rourke, Maria von Trapp, or Death Dealer (as long as the name isn’t already taken). Having a last name can allow use of a first name that is taken; if Anne is already in use Anne Boleyn might not be.
  • When you get to the beach and learn how to make a flint knife also take the time to make a flint axe, pick, and sickle. You will get these later during the orientation quests in the first village you come to but having them at the newbie beach means you can start collecting resources immediately.
  • Once you learn to make a camp always carry 15 pieces of green wood and 3 pieces of flint. It takes 5 green wood and 1 flint to make a camp.
  • Every time you arrive in town go to the well and draw a bucket of water, then go to the local cow and milk her; you can store this in your locker. You can make 1 light ration with 1 measure of milk (I assume this means we are making cheese). Water is used for alchemy. There is a long cool down on the well and the cow. You can also draw water from rivers.
  • You can use your crafting supplies from your locker in the town you are in, you don’t need to shlep your materials to the crafting stations.
  • You can get experience with both weapons in a fight if you hit at least once with each weapon.
  • Immediately look for the herb plants (they are purple), you can get hyssop from them that combines with water to make the low end healing potions.
  • I’d carry a 2 to 3 pieces of flint for making a camp. Wood is usually easy to find but flint sometimes not. You can always attach to random camp if you need to heal.
  • Milk and honey are both available for free in towns. Honey substitutes in on many food recipes. Stockpiling a little water isn’t a terrible idea. However, I utilized much more honey than water.
  • Herbs are not that common, always grab them. Food crops can be found easier and usually you’ll find several types nearby clusters.
  • Don’t use crafting reagents such as sand paper, tanning oil etc.. until later levels.
  • Organise your gear with the least number of gear changes between Light, Medium and Heavy.
  • Always carry a life staff, and level it to at least 3 healing spec skills.
  • Carry a bow and musket level them to level 4 for all the haste perks, then when you are running somewhere you can dodge roll weapon switch for faster movement with these 2 weapons.
  • Do a small grind to craft travel rations and healing potions, 100 of each.
  • Suicide to fast travel back to a town (i prefer to drown myself in a body of water), don’t worry about the repair costs.
  • If you are going to grind gathering try to get gear with gathering bonuses, if you find gear with gathering bonuses keep hold of them.
  • If you use a lot of Azoth in crafting you can replace this from the main story quests (they hand out a large amount of Azoth), if you plan on crafting it may be prudent to ignore the story quests after getting the first staff (level 24), burn all your Azoth and then do them to refil.

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