New World – Resources, Crafting & Trade Market

Resources, Crafting & Trade Market

There are many different types of resources in New World. Each type of resource will fall into one of your different trade skills. Some resources are not obtainable without leveling up your trade skills, unless someone has them on sale through the trade market.

Look through the skills section to learn more information about each skill, but for resources specifically, you have crafting, refining, and gathering skills. You can hover over each item to see what kind of resource it is, you can see what tier the resource is, and you and also read the tool-tip to see what it breaks down into or how to get it.

Raw Resources:

Raw resources are the first type of resource to know. This type of resource is what people want to buy on the trade market, and it helps you level up your refining skills. These items are greenwood, fish caught while fishing, iron ore, any basic material you first gather.

Refined Resources:

Refined resources are what you make raw resources into. This type of resource is what you use to craft items, and people usually do not want to buy unless they are not able to obtain easy. You will use more refined resources than raw resources when crafting most the time. These items are timber, iron ingots, charcoal.


Crafted resources, and crafting itself, comes from the use of different workshops which can be found in settlements. If you need to find where a table is located, check your map and hover over the icon. Each workshop will allow for refining or crafting of different types of items. Different items do require different workshop levels, which is based on the settlement itself. You will find some settlements may have different level workshops than others, which can be upgraded through settlement quests.


When you have any type of resource, or crafted items, you can use the trade market at any settlement. Items in the trade list will be locked to that region, but you can look through other regions to get an example of what prices should be or to find where items sell the best. You can make a buy listing where players will fill your request for any item or look at posted sell lists to buy items, look at sell listings which you can post your own items for sale or fulfill requests of others to make money, and there is also an option to view your current buy & sell requests which is limited to 100 per settlement.

Trading is all player based on the markets. You may find one item will sale easier at one settlement, and almost never sale at another. Your listings are only listed for a specific amount of time at each settlement, which you do pay for when you post the request. You set the price of your items, but do keep in mind anyone can come along and sell their items for even less.

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