New World – Random Tips & Tricks (Beta)

Random Tips & Tricks

  • Quests may be given for resources you cannot get, example aged wood which is from mature trees, which you cannot chop till your lumberjack skill is level 50.
  • Resources are not in the same areas, meaning you may need to travel depending on what region you are in.
  • If you join a faction, you cannot leave it for 120 days.
  • Storage & Trading Post sell and buy requests are region based.
  • You need to be in a faction to join a company.
  • There is a voice chat… yes, I heard someone meowing which confused me very much.
  • Starting quests at a new settlement starts with lower XP, but then builds up.
  • There are buffs your friends can get, which can help you in a group.
  • It is possible to fight levels higher than you, usually about 4-5 levels higher depending on how you fight.
  • The world is huge! No mount’s yet, just submit surveys asking for them and maybe we can get them, amazon games listens to feedback.
  • Press U in settlements to toggle PVP.
  • You can be a merchant.

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