New World – Not Loose The Queue During an Error

[Tips] Not Loose The Queue During an Error

Small tips that worked 7 times in a row for me for now.

When you in the queue and you get the error ‘TooManyRequest….’ There is a WAY to not loose the queue.

When it happen:

  1. Click on OK to close the small error box.
  2. Click on REFRESH under the character list.
  3. WAIT Till the queue list re-appear (Took around 5 sec to 2 min on all my try).

DO NOT CLICK ON ‘PLAY’ when the error happen, or it gonna refresh your queue back to last place.

When doing this you won’t loose place and you can even gain alot of place with people who have quit the queue or clicked on play when the error happened.

I hope to be helpful to some people for pass this queue and have fun in the game.

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