New World – How to Reduce Taxes

How to Reduce Taxes

If you want lower taxes, you have a few choices:

1) Keep your house, and level up your territory standing and choose reduced property tax cards when they come up as you level. This will reduce some of the cost of the higher property taxes.

2) Keep your house, but don’t pay the property taxes and move your base of operations to another territory until the property taxes are lowered.

3) Sell your house, and buy another one in a territory with lower property taxes.

4) Work to own multiple houses, and only pay property taxes on the one(s) with low property tax rates.

5) If the territory is owned by an opposing faction, do PvP quests for your faction in the territory to increase your faction’s influence in the territory to 100% so the territory can be thrown into revolt and a company from your faction can declare war on the controlling company to try and overthrow them. Hopefully the war will succeed, and the new controlling company will implement lower property taxes.

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