New World – How to Avoid Game Bans

Avoid Game Bans

After reading “I am banned for XYZ reasons” several times, I have a small list of things why you have really been banned and that 99.9% of the time it does not happen out of injustice.

You don’t get banned out of boredom, there is a reason why you were banned. Here are a few examples.

Let’s take a look at Amazon’s general guidelines that apply here.

“In my opinion it is …” STOP. Your opinion does not always have to be the right one and, above all, it does not depend on what you think is right or wrong but this is based on the rules that come from Amazon, which everyone without exception must adhere to.

A simple rule: “Give respect to get respect” Simple!


Griefing is an action such as the deliberate luring of an NPC which is only intended to kill another player in order to gain the advantage, for example, to mine an ore that would otherwise have belonged to the other player. So you are using an unfair means here which leads to a ban.


You write a lot of messages in the chat very quickly and thus disturb the general calm in the chat and cause unrest. This is not wanted and is punished with a ban. How would you like it if several people a day send you messages on your Discord server that are not right and that incessantly? You’d lock it right?

Insults / Provoking

Insults in the chat are a very uncomfortable choice of words which you shouldn’t say. Players get angry in chat because they have lost a PVP fight, for example, and react to it with anger and hatred because other players are not doing what they would like to do. The chat is not a place for negative behavior that annoys others. Be friendly and if it doesn’t work out as desired, congratulate the winner. Because everyone can win, but not lose, but that shows all the more strength in the end 😉

Please be considerate of other people in this post and don’t get abusive or abusive. I thank you for your consideration.

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