New World – Beginners Tanking Setup

Tanking Setup

Here’s my tanking setup.

  • Reverse stab level 3.
  • Shield bash level 1.
  • Defiant stance level 3.
  • Healing perk.

You basically do this rotation.

Pull enemies by running to them or have the ranged pull. Use defiant stance. The taunt effect happens and is noticed by the lightning bolts over their health bar. Enemies line up, back up, once backed up, shield bash, immediately follow up with reverse stab. Reverse stab level 3 allows you to get 25% of your sword CD back on a hit, but it is each individual enemy hit, so 4 enemies, 100% CD reduction. Which means, defiant stance can then be cancelled, triggering the heal to proc, resetting your damage reduction and the taunt and allowing you to redo the combo all over again.

If at anytime you mess up and things go on CD, just switch to axe, rotate there and switch back. You will stay topped off almost all the time. It works in Amrine, I’ve yet to do any of the other dungeons yet and am level 35. In Amrine though, I’d pull 6-10 enemies at a time and the healer barely had to touch me.

It should also be noted I figure all this out because of my detest for healers in this game lol. So many times I’ve been like “Heal me!” now I’m more or less self sufficient.

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