NBA 2K20 – How to Earn VC while AFK

So you can earn VC while not on your PC or just by AFKing if your at home doing something else…

Earn Free VC while AFK


  • The actual reason for this guide, head over to MyLeague in the main menu.
  • Select any team it doesn’t matter honestly.
  • Start a normal season.
  • Go to each game and select “Play Game”, when it tells you to choose your sides, you can play as a team if you want, but really you kinda wanna go in the middle where you will just “spectate” the game.
  • Have the quarter length of 12 mins for max earnings but i don’t know if there is like a limit from which it doesn’t matter the time.
  • I have my quarter length on 6 mins and i get 700 VC per game.
  • Match started, now you can go AFK for how much time you choose for your game and come back to some VC for “playing” the game.
  • Have fun because it’s easier than actually playing the game.

Note: Due to animations and interviews it may take a little longer.


So everyday by logging in to the app “MyNBA2k20” on your phone you can access a login bonus of around 100-150 VC everyday, you can get the app from Play Store.

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