Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – Guide to Healing

This guide will be short and precise and skip around all the unnecessary junk and flair.

The Entire Guide (Updated for Pre-Season 3)

There are 3 different types of healers that are very effective in this game. They all use the same gear to start, you can spice it up if you like.

  • Top Skill – Healing Increase.
  • Bottom Skill – Ninjutsu Cooldown decrease.
  • Accessory Skill – Respawn Time -or- Ninjutsu cooldown decrease at low hp (if youre feeling spicy).

Substitution Jutsu should be normal, Shadow clone, or something with CC (Lightning, Wood, etc.)

I strongly recommend normal or Shadow because you will be targeted a lot and the more subs you can have in a fight the better.

For Weapon, take whatever you like. Any weapon with thrusting attacks should be steered far away from though, those lock you into a 1-1.5 second animation with each attack the enemy can absolutely nae nae on you during, and itll stop you from being an effective spot healer.

Pure Healer – Palm Sage and Cellular Extraction with debuff ninja tool/kunai -OR- Take 1 of them and then Nervous System Rupture or Weighted Boulder Jutsu and a Healing Ninja tool. This is good in every single game mode, but almost necessary in Combat Battle.

Mind Transmission– Get the Mind Transmission Palm Sage Jutsu. It has GLOBAL range. No matter where you cast it it will heal every single member of your team over time, BUT you will be stationary. For your second Jutsu take Weighted Boulder or Nervous System Rupture to bamboozle people trying to take you out. If you are absolutely struggling, take Cellular Extraction until you learn to use the other jutsus to kite opponents. Taking Kunai or Debuff talisman as your ninja tool is a very good idea if youre using this class on Flag or Point Capture.

This plays a very specific way, and it is boring but effective. Sit on a point/obj, when you arent capping or grabbing scrolls, either hold down the jutsu button to decrease the Mind Transmission cooldown, or cast it. With healing bonuses it makes your entire team incredibly difficult to kill and someone will be forced to come out to look for you most of the time.

Combat Healer– Take combat skills with a healing ninja tool. Its plausible and can be extremely effective but it will often mess up your team comp unless youre in comms, as most people will assume youre taking healing skills as a healer. Healing Jutsu that arent actually healing are for the most part very strong for both crowd control and buffs.

Jutsu to take for specific modes:

Combat- Just healing jutsu, although if youre a secondary healer, weighted boulder can absolutely win entire fights.

Flag: Water Pillar. If you arent against good players this will guarentee you get whatever point/flag youre on every single time. Nervous System Rupture (usually unlocked) is also incredibly useful for dashing ludicrous distances.

Points: Water Pillar as described above. Lava balls are also good here, but water pillar should always be priority. Unless theyre all excellent players you will cheese a ton of point caps out of it. Combined with Mind Transmission Palm Sage, you can heal your entire team while surrounded by the entire enemy team. Its hilarious.

Barrier: Admittedly I only have a dozen or so barrier games, but Water Pillar is also excellent for this mode.

Ultimate Jutsu

Meta Picks:

Meis Big Mist Ball of Death: This is the king of point control Jutsu, only challenged by a couple others, but this is widely accepted as the most effective. Its difficult to interrupt, and if you can bamboozle people into attacking you, only good players will even realize theyre dying until its too late. If they are good players, you will usually buy yourself a ton of time on wherever you casted it.

Shikamaru’s Bondage No-No-Zone: This is another incredibly viable ultimate. Its a huge area denial, but it also does a ton of damage. Not as good for point control, but its dps for how long it takes to charge is incredibly efficent. Very good range.

Hinata’s Touchy Time- Charges INSANELY FAST. Will often come up before any other ultimate. Also resets all their cooldowns, and does a ton of damage, and locks on to whoever you’re targeting. If they dont run they will be getting hit, and if youre close they cant run. Can hit multiple people and an amazing control option.

Kabuto’s Nighty Night Experience: The BEST way to kill people over gaps. You can wipe entire teams with this on maps with a lot of death pits. Even without death pits, will give your team a long time to focus down a single person with the rest of the team disabled.

Off-Meta Picks

Ino’s Big Ol’ Bongo Blast – Similar to Kabuto’s ult, but with slightly shorter range (And i mean slightly) and allows you to esplode everyone your team dosent focus down. HOWEVER, in my experience with this one (roughly 40-50 games), it is much easier to interrupt on cast than Kabuto’s, so make sure you get an opening to use it.

Tsunade’s Heal Slug – This is a better Mind Transmission Palm Sage on an insanely high cooldown. BUT (and this this is a big but) it charges your entire teams Ultimate Jutsu as well (Usually between 1/2 and 1/4, depending on each ult). Use this on teams with lots of very effective ultimate jutsu to get them online ASAP.

THE CUUUUUUUBE – Old Stone Dudes Ultimate. Its the Cube. No one uses it, its a single hit KO, and if you get someone slowed or stunned in any way, its a definite kill. Can KO multiple enemies in a single use. If you hit someone with this they will reconsider every single choice in their life they ever made. This is actually a very underrated ultimate, but is outclassed due to the fact it is hard to interrupt but it is possible, does not charge fast, and will usually only take out 1-2 people max unless you have a VERY good setup. Shout “THE CUUUUUUUUBE!” when you use it for extra effectiveness.

Anyway best of luck out there!

Healing can be a ton of fun, but you have to be the type of person that likes evasion and outplays. Unless you have a second healer you can queue with so you can be a combat healer, you wont be picking up nearly as many kills as the other classes.

But on the other hand, 2 healy healers is meta in Combat Battle, so do whatever! Have fun!

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