My Home/Zombie Center – Basic Guide

This is basic guide of this My Home/Zombie Center game. I’ll introduce about basic construction of this game and control.

Guide to Basics

Note: Credit goes to onazimaimai

About This Game

This game is about defeating zombies that keep spawning as enemies, using weapons that can be acquired from the surrounding area to defeat them, avoiding zombie attacks, and defeating as many enemies as possible.

  • Each type of zombie has its own attack method, and if the player character receive its attack, the player character will be damaged and its HP (green gauge in the lower left corner) will decrease.
  • If the Player’s HP became below 0, Player will die and the game is over.
  • The player should conserve HP by properly avoiding enemy attacks, and depending on the situation, try to recover by crouching down.
  • Random types of tools will appear in the vicinity of the game, as well as on the display shelves, each time you play.
  • The same changes when you retry after you were defeated.
  • When not equipped, the surrounding items that can be used as weapons are outlined in orange.
  • When you look at them, the outline will change to green and the UI will appear to allow you to acquire them.
  • Weapon tools have different damage, attack speed, reach, hit size, and impact force.
  • In addition, some weapons can switch between alternative attack methods, which changes their performance as described above.
  • The currently equipped weapon and the selected attack method are indicated by icons in the lower right corner.
  • If you let go of the weapon, it will fall to the floor.
  • The weapon can be picked up again by looking at it.
  • Depending on the weapon you have equipped, you can take different pow actions.
  • Currently there are two types: backstep and thrust, which are activated by consuming Pow (yellow gauge in the lower right corner).
  • The backstep is an action to quickly jump backward and can be used for evasion.
  • The thrust is an extremely low-damage, high-impact attack that can disorient or push back an enemy. It can be used to open up a gap or interrupt an enemy’s attack.
  • Pow can go down to zero, but if it is not enough to trigger an action, a “Low Pow” warning will be displayed and the action will fail.
  • Pow will recover naturally over time.
  • When zombies are attacked, they take damage and their durability decreases, and when it drops to zero, they fall and are destroyed.
  • Also, zombies will stagger or fall backward or otherwise lose their posture due to the impact of an attack.
  • Depending on the timing, this may cancel the zombie’s attack or other actions.
  • Different types of zombies have different attack methods, action routines, durability, movement speed, and shock resistance.
  • At first, only one type of zombie will appear, but as the number of zombies destroyed increases, other types will gradually appear.

How to Control

  • WASD – Move player.
  • Mouse Left Button – Attack.
  • Mouse Right Button – Pow Action.
  • Mouse Move – Rotate Camera/Rotate Player’s Direction.
  • Mouse Wheel Button – Lock/UnLock.
  • Left Shift – Switch Attack Stance.
  • Left Ctrl – Crouch to Heal (Only when you equip nothing).
  • ESC – Pause Menu.
  • F – Equip Sighting Weapon.
  • G – Drop Weapon which you are Equipping.
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