Muse Dash – How to Unlock the New Achievements More Easily

Finally, now we have new achievements, maybe you ran to open the game hoping to get them, but nothing happened? Here’s a quick guide on how to fix it.

Easy Guide to Unlock New Achievements

First Step

Download the tool

Steam Achievement Manager at this link.

It’s free and safe!

Second Step

Unzip the files in any folder you like, open SAM.Picker.exe and enter the game id 774171 in the search bar, then click add game.

Note: The id may change in the future, if this happens, go to your library, then in the muse dash tab, look for the game’s properties and go to updates.

Third and Final Step

Lastly select the achievements you want (no cheating) and click commit Changes and all done!

Note: You can also unlock all achievements at once, but I don’t recommend it because it takes the fun out of playing.


I made this “guide” for those who have already completed all the achievement requirements or don’t have much time for it. (in my case the achievements really bugged having met the objectives)

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