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A deep dive in the game mechanics, the core movements, the characters, leveling up and getting gold fast. Created by Betriebsrat!

The Core Moveset

The first step to mastering any fighting game, platform fighter or not, is understanding what your character can do. In MultiVersus, all characters have the same basic moveset that applies to every character. You have your basic attack, special, dodge, and jump.

Some attacks, usually specials, may also be charge attacks. You’ll know this if, when you hit the button, a little circle appears by your character. If this happens, you can hold that attack to charge it up to make it stronger, but it will of course leave you open, so time it carefully.

Do not spam your attacks !

Your basic attack will automatically go into a combo, which you can easily fall into relying on as your main attack. This is okay for a short time, but MultiVersus uses an attack decay system that will eventually make your attacks do less damage if you use them over and over. When you use a move too much, the words “attack decay” will appear by your character. At this point, you will want to start using different moves to reset the decay so you can fight at full power.

Character Classes

Characters in MultiVersus each have different roles that give you a general idea of how they play and what role they serve in a fight. These classes are: tank, support, bruisers, and assassins.

Tanks are the toughest to knock out and are made for getting in close to attack.

Support characters play a mix of attack and support for your teammate. How they help their teammate will vary from character to character, so learn exactly what your support does to know what moves to do and when to give the best backup.

Bruisers are stronger versions of tanks, but also easier to knock out. These are kind of your Mario characters in MultiVersus, in that they’re good all around, but not excellent at one thing.

Assassins are high-damage, low-health strikers. You will want to have great control and understanding of your character’s moves to get quick hits and kills in but also be able to get out of danger.

Pick a Main Character and Level Up

Unlike a Smash Bros. title, MultiVersus has a progression system for each character. You will start with them all at level 1, naturally, and slowly level them up as you play more matches and earn XP. The starting roster is quite big, plus more characters will be coming, so you will want to find one you want to stick with early on and level up as soon as you can. As you level up, that character will start to earn perks that improve them in different ways unique to them. They all fall in either the offense, defense, or utility categories.

Not only does unlocking all your character’s perk make them better, but will also help you in the long run. Once a character reaches level nine, you unlock the option to train perks. What this does is allow you, for the cost of gold, to teach a character to use a perk that a different character learns. But, if you’ve unlocked the perk on one character you want to train on a different character already, you will get a discount on how much gold it costs.

How to Get Gold Fast

There are currently five main methods to getting Gold fast in MultiVersus. These are:

  • Completing starter missions
  • Toasting other players
  • Levelling up your player rank
  • Ranking up the Battle Pass
  • Winning your first match of the day

Perks & How to Train

As you level up your character, you’ll unlock unique character perks. At level 9 mastery of the character, you will unlock train perks which allow you to learn perks that aren’t from that character.

Learning perks from another character uses gold, but you receive a discount if you already know that specific perk from the character it’s originally from. This allows flexibility to optimize your favorite character! If you’re having trouble picking what perks to train first, here are some of the ones that we recommend!

  • Cofeezilla – Your team receives a 10% reduced ability cooldown duration. Generally helpful.
  • Last Stand – Your team deals 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage. This is very helpful for tanks and characters that just live past 100%
  • Tasmanian Trigonometry – Your team receives a 15% increased base knockback influence. Knockback influence alters the direction you are launched. This means that if you DI (Directional Influence) the attack correctly, you can live for much longer.
  • Painted Target – Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting enemies that are in hitstun. Great perk if you plan on comboing with your teammate a lot.
  • Debuff Ability Refund – Your team receives a 0.5 seconds refund on ability cooldowns after hitting debuffed enemies.

Aside from these, perks such as Vertical Damage Boost and Lumpy Space Punch is also really good for the bonus damage.

Character Tier List

S Tier

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Harley Quinn
  • Iron Giant
  • Superman

A Tier

  • Arya Stark
  • Batman
  • Shaggy
  • Taz
  • Velma

B Tier

  • Garnet
  • Jake
  • LeBron James
  • Tom & Jerry

C Tier

  • Reindog
  • Steven Universe
  • Finn
  • Wonder Woman

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