Muck – Seeds (Update 3)

This is a list of muck seeds that I found. Most of the seeds are ones that I found. I think all of them I found, but I forgot.


Update 3:

1502598852 – Geode with lots of ore. Good for starting off with not much op stuff.

209381607 – A chunk statue + cave on a hill just north of spawn. The cave has a gold pickaxe, so its an okay seed that’s not to overpowered.

doodle – A cave and hut near spawn.

127384079 – Cave + hut + wagon near spawn, as well as a couple of boss statues. Terraria is better than minecraft – good world for resources. Good balanced world.

987654321 – 3 guardian statues at spawn. not the best seed but its interesting.

1234578960 – Big chunk statue at spawn.

Pre-Update 3

1075847826 – Two chunk statues with house with a couple of pickaxes. This seed is great for chunk boi farming early, but I do not remember if I found this one myself or not.

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