Mortal Shell – Strange Altar

The Strange Altar is an onject within Mortal Shell that allows you to denounce all Shells, permanently inhabiting your vulnerable Foundling state. Because the Foundling dies in one hit this makes the game much more difficult, but also comes along with a few other quirks. Learn about them below.

Strange Altar Changes

Denounce all Shells, taking on a special black Foundling appearance and gaining a new set of stats. You will die in one hit from just about any enemy, but you have near infinite stamina to dodge and attack with. You also get four bars of Resolve.

You also surrender all progress you have made on any unlocked Shells, and lose all of your glimpses. Shells can be regained, but you will need to go back to their original spawn location to collect them.

Additionally, NPCs have special dialogue when they see you in your new Foundling state.

Where is the Strange Altar

The Strange Altar can be found through a crawl space along the poison frog river. If you are in Gorf’s cave, take a right and look for the small patch of white flower covered land guarded by an axe enemy. There is a crawl space just behind him leading to the altar.

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