MORDHAU – The Shield Rush Guide

A description of a technique I use that I never see others using.

Guide to the Shield Rush


The Shield Rush (as I call it) is a technique I use when fighting an extremely skilled enemy who would otherwise take all of us down.

while your teammates attack the enemy run at them in shield wall mode, constantly body blocking them and making sure to catch any attacks they attempt to make, this will help your teammates land more hits and deplete their stamina.

Too often I see groups of people wildly swinging at someone who is absolutely mowing them down, obviously you have to block attacks even in groups, but using this technique, you can be more of a team player, and seem less like a feral pack animal.

I’ve found that this technique works best against maulmen and team wiping sweats, it is wasted on casual players.

I hope that this guide helps shield users help their team more!

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