Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp – The Robot Uprising – Calculester’s Secret Ending

How to get The Robot Uprising – Calculester’s Secret Ending.

Guide to The Robot Uprising – Calculester’s Secret Ending

First Interaction

“This could get ugly real fast, unless someone says something to appease this murderbot. Quick, come up with a ♥♥♥ weakness they’ll totally believe!”

  • “Monsters are too reliant on their hands. There’s a technique to weaken them — it’s called “high fiving”.” (Boldness)
  • Organics cannot eat infinite pancakes. Feed them infinite pancakes.” (Fun)

Second Interaction

“Oh no! If Scott and Damien are revealed as organics, who knows what CPUlysses will do to them! Plus, having two guys on the inside of the robot army uprising might be useful… Quick, cover for them!”

  • “If these two were really organics, they’d be wearing cool hats. Organics always wear cool hats” (Fun)
  • “Killterminator and Spatula are organics. They’re the first organic/robot hybrids! Ask how their parents met — it’s quite a story.” (Creativity)

Third Interaction

“With pleasure! Time to suggest a method of disabling the Three Laws that’s sure to backfire:”

  • “Crossbreed destructron with a toaster. Toasters don’t give a ♥♥♥♥ about the laws of robotics.” (Smarts)
  • “Alter destructron’s code by replacing the Three Laws with three hundred episodes of “Law and Order”.” (Fun)
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