Mist Legacy – How to Solve Multi-Tools for the Multiforge Quest

What do you have to do to finish this quest.

Multi-Tools for the Multiforge Quest Solution

Any quest that asks you to make something will expect a certain combination of ingredients. It will always show which ingredients it wants when you are in the crafting menu. You can tell you have the right ones once made as they will have the quest exclamation mark beside them.

For this quest one of the tools fitted in your starter workshop is too weak. You have to create a better one, fit that into your workshop and then proceed with making the tools you have been asked to make and take them to the multi tool shop once complete. Tools made with the wrong ingredients or just bought from the shop will not work.

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  1. Nice and all, but this still doesn’t say how you can create the tools as you don’t get the blue prints for the tools and so can’t create them.

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