Tips for Beginners

Play less aggressively than Strive; most of the cast has things they do better than simple rushdown. Just going in will get you killed vs good players. Also, combo optimization is cool and all, but it should probably be pretty low on your priority list.

Learning to move effectively is probably the most important thing. Melty’s movement is pretty unique.

Run through tutorial every time you boot up and play. Don’t get overwhelmed at all the options you have to learn. Stick with what you want to know for that session, play and learn at your own pace. Go through 2-3 sets then evaluate what you would like to improve for the next 2-3 sets you play.

As of ‘beginner chars’, I think even FB wrote from that translated interview that Arcueid can feel powerful even to the hands of novices. So try her out.

Know what your character moves do. If the moves hit high/mid/low, how far they reach, if they’re unsafe when the enemy blocks it.

To see if a move is unsafe, set a training dummy to “guard all” and set “reversal” to A (or B depending on the distance). Hit the dummy with the move then immediately start holding back, if your character doesn’t block the dummy counter attack then the move is unsafe and you must use it wisely. Sometimes these moves are really fast or have invincibility at the start, so it’s also a good way to try them.

Speaking of safety, block. Let the other gremlins do these eventual unsafe moves then just faceroll autocombo them. Blocking is the key to becoming apex gremlin.

Learn to double jump to abuse people who try to ground anti air. You’ll be surprised how many people just eat hits after you jump twice on top of them to throw their anti-air off.

Block Block Block. Reactive playstyles are king imo. Learn your enemys habits and find their gaps in their strings. Learn how to use every tool in your kit and just practice. The only way you’ll get better is to play.

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