Mega City Police: Prelude – Agents Dossier

Brief overview of Mega City Police agents, including each agent’s Defensive and Offensive special abilities.

Agent: Rookie

Defensive Ability: Dash

Dashes a moderate distance, presumably to avoid getting attacked or escape when enemies are surrounding you, etc.

Offensive Ability: Stun Grenade

Tosses a grenade a modest distance. On detonation, stuns nearby enemies for a couple seconds.

Agent: Cyborg

Defensive Ability: AOE Stun (short range)

This appears to briefly stun enemies (or just one enemy?) in a limited range near the Cyborg.

Offensive Ability: Computer-Automated Targeting

This creates an automated, square targeting crosshair. Seems like any weapon you fire will hit the highlighted target, and then the crosshair will auto-switch to the next nearest targets. Lasts a few seconds.

Agent: Scout

Defensive Ability: Stealth Cloak

Become invisible for a few seconds. A meter on the agent will show you roughly how much time is left. Good for getting out of trouble or sneaking up on enemies.

Offensive Ability: ???

This seems to add some extra damage to your ranged attack for a few seconds?

Agent: Detective

Defensive Ability: Dive on the Ground

Dive on the ground to avoid enemy fire. Note that he needs a second or two to get back UP off the ground.

Offensive Ability: Support Cyborgs

Calls in a pair of what seem to be friendly, beam-pistol wielding Cyborg troops.

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