Mech Mechanic Simulator – Helpful Tips

Beginner Tips


  • You can skip the cut-scenes with RMB.
  • Once you purchase the Tablet, you can accept/fulfill orders via the tablet, hotkey is T.
  • Paint jobs: you need to spray all required colors or the task is not counted as complete.
  • Paint jobs: you might want to switch between “auto-fill” and “brush” modes.
  • Wallrunning: Jump up and forwards and strafe into the wall while moving forwards, then hit the wallrun button. I think it was shift.


The three electrics bench minigames have different rules for each bench:

  • Cable bench (the one in the middle): simply connect green square with yellow square.
  • Cell bench (the one on the left): connect green with yellow, and the three violet too.
  • Core bench (the one on the right): connect green with yellow but not the three violet ones. Here – if you need it – you can disrupt connections by clicking on a normal field.

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