Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe Edition – Top Talent Achievement Guide

This guide show how I unlocked the “Top Talent” achievement despire the bugs.

How to Obtain Top Talent Achievement

Top Talent Achievement

First, let me start by saying that this guide show how I unlocked this achievement, this may or may not work for you, because this achievement is bugged AF. It worked for me, so if you are strugguling, maybe this will also work for you.

First get a team to level 19 with the smartpohne app or not, this doesn’t matter.

What is important is that when your team is near level 20, send you team from the solo game and not from the app anymore, then save before quit. Last mission I did was a standard mission, not a APEX mission (unknow if this have an impact)

Again, from the solo debrief the mission, you team is now level 20, but still no achievement.

Go to Pathfinder Rewards and claim all loot (probably a useless step, but I rather write everything I did when I got the achievement).

Save then jump immediately to multiplayer from the solo.

Then open the prestige menu.

That how I unlocked the achievement, same time I clicked on prestige (this may or may not work if you never opened the multiplayer before).

I tryed many time to have it, sending teams only from the multiplayer, only from the solo, but nothing, solo then multiplayer somehow worked, not idea if this worked only for me

PS: For the achievement “Teamwork” – Same problem, 6 teams is also bugged AF, but 25 assists online is really easy to do – Take a adept character and kill with singularity and/or pull.

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