Mashed – How to Stop Tripping while Jumping

This guide provides a fix to the jumping bug, where you often trip over nothing and fell down.


When playing Mashed, most likely you’ve experienced the jump bug, one where you trip over nothing while jumping, and fell down, making you lose the race. This is especially annoying in maps where jumping is part of the main track, since there will be no other way around. For example, this picture is from the Tierra Pedra track, while fighting the helicopter.

Step 1: Browse Local Files

Right-click on Mashed from the Steam Library. Right click on it, select Properties, then Local Files. Next, click on the Browse Local Files option. This should open a new window in your Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Find the Mashed Application

Switch to the new Explorer window that just opened. Find the MASHED application in the folder, and right click on it. Then, click Properties.

Step 3: Run the Program in Compatibility Mode

Open the Compatibility menu, check the box, and run the program in compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Click Apply, close the window, and launch the game.

Additional Info & Another Alternative

The fix should have worked, and jumps should work normally. However, there is ONE side effect. The Steam Overlay became disabled, so you cannot open your overlay, chat, or take screenshots while running the game. Personally, I recommend running in compatibility mode for maps where jumping is necessary, and turning off compatibility mode in other maps.

However, there is another simpler way to overcome the jumping bug. When you’re about to jump, swerve your car a little to the right or left, by tapping on the turn button. However, this doesn’t work all the time, and can mess with your handling a bit.

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