MareQuest – How to Find Verity Fast

This short guide will allow you to quickly find Verity.

Guide to Find Verity Fast

How to Find Verity

Here is how you quickly find Verity.

  • Step 1: Start new game.
  • Step 2: Press escape and position your mouse on the ‘Yay’ button below ‘quit to menu’ and keep it there.
  • Step 3: Press enter twice. This quits to menu and starts a new game.
  • Step 4: Look for Verity* If she is there then you found her. If not then press escape once then press enter twice.

Repeat step 4 until you find her.

Note: When I say look for her that means, just do a quick glance at the mares around your character. Don’t walk around (wastes time).

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