Marauders – Best Way to Get Loot (for Beginners)

Best Way to Get Loot

Need to Know

Every game you spawn there should be a basic pistol and some ammo for you to pick up, so take nothing in which you.

Now you have two options to pick from.

First Option

You fly your ship straight inside from there you run and try to find any Npc’s in there, kill them they should have some armour and a gun for you to pick up from there you play the game as you would normally, If you die just do it again and again till you get it.

Second Option

You head to your emergency capsule on your ship, from there you can go ahead and breach onto an enemy’s ship

[This is a more risky option, as the person you breach may have no loot for you to collect or might have amazing loot which will mean that you will have a difficult 1 v 1]

This guide was made when the game came out, this may change over time (I will try my best to keep this guide up to date)

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