MADNESS: Project Nexus – Vampire Mission Tips

Vampire Mission Tips

Just Finished the mission, if you are struggling there are some really easy things you can do that can make the mission pretty trivial as long as you are careful.

  • Get the ‘Improvised Weapons’ unarmed perk. It’s pretty cheap at about 800xp, with the stakes you get from the dead vampire hunters you can insta kill regular vampires and 2 of them kill the vampire brutes.
  • Pick up a laser gun of some description, they deal a lot of damage to vampires.
  • Duel wield stakes and put them on your back for storage.
  • Pick up nailed bats and torches, both break fast and turn into stakes when broken. Torches have the added benefit of melting vampires.
  • Any fire damage weapons you can pick up from chef stop vampires resurrecting too.

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