MADNESS: Project Nexus – Tips for Hard Sell

Hard Sell Tips

  • Only one type of enemy can hack the objective. Pick them off first, then deal with the rest.
  • Manually command your hirelings to stand on each side of the objective so they have clear line of sight on every side of it.
  • Optionally: If you can clear the adjacent rooms fast enough, they will never mount a big attack. They use cover so it takes far too long to actually clear, but it could be viable with twin grenade launchers and sending the grenades behind the cover? Or maybe station hirelings into a room so you have to worry only about two of them?
  • Use armor piercing weapons (stun batons, electric knife, lasers, ap rounds). These guys have more armor than anything.

How to manually command them to separate?

  • Ctrl+right click at the hireling lets you command only the one hireling.
  • Ctrl+middle mouse button makes them stand on the point you click.
  • Set them up before each wave, the commands tend to reset when the wave ends.

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