Lost Ark – What NPCs Should I Work On? (Affinity and Gold)

What NPCs Should I Work On?! Well, Let’S Find Out!

Affinity with certain NPCs is perfect! Because not only can you obtain gold, but other amazing items that help your character grow! Where can I find information on Affinity?! You can check under your Adventure tab or you can easily click Alt+N.

What helps you win over the NPCs heart? Well by having specific skills such as Charm, Intellect, Bravery, Kindness.

Also, playing songs, certain emotes, and giving them gifts. You can also obtain points by doing the pink quest given by the NPCs. (Gold is key but the other opportunities such as growth potions, seal engravings, and Cards are important as well).

NPC’s That Give Gold… One-Time Gold Sources

Rapport (Affinity)LocationRequirementsHow Much?
Thirain (Sillan)East Luterra(East Lutheran)180 charm will be needed to continue wooing King Thirain (Sillan)500 goldPlus Legendary Card
IsabelWavestrand PortInside the tavernPilgrim’s ShelterRoar emoteCan be purchased fromBlacktooth atFreedom Isle(Liberty Isle)600 gold
SashaArthetineAdministration BuildingFirst stat block190 Charm2nd stat block260 Charm3,500 gold
Intimate -500 goldTrusted – 1200 goldBesties – 1800 gold
NeriaArthetineSternNeria’s Tavern600 gold
Mercenary ZeriaArthetinePalke Plaza200 gold
EalynQueen of North VernNorth VernLocated in theQueen’s Hall800 gold
AveleNorth VernLocated in theQueen’s Hall1,400 gold
JedericoFeitonSheakrina Brotherhood900 gold
LyannaFeitonCrematorium2,700 gold
NiaPunika(Papunika)Elder’s Hut1,400 gold
ShanaPunika(Papunika)Cape Niho2,700 gold
MeiPunika(Papunika)Asylum < check name2,200 gold
Yun the SquirrelPunika(Papunika)Celebration Square800 gold
BarberoPunika(Papunika)Celebration Square800 gold
AlbionPunika(Papunika)Pristine Garden800 gold
HallaPunika(Papunika)Elder’s Hut1,100 gold
Lisien the foxPunika(Papunika)Celebration Square1,000 gold
MarieOceanIsland of Eternity(Nomax)Azure Stranded in the Muddy waters1,000 gold
NinavOceanLittle Whispering Island(Sunny Island)Whispering Sea near Artemis1,000 gold
Captain BlacktoothOcean500 gold
DetoriOceanSupreme Island(Island of the Chosen)Coventation Sea300 gold

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