Lost Ark – Daily / Weekly Gold Sources

Daily Gold Sources

With alts, more gold can be achieved.

Adventure Island220 ~ 780 GoldGold reward depends on item level and item type.
Chaos DungeonBonus Stage + DropsAfter the second phase there is a chance to enter a bonus room through either a gold or red portal. Sell drops on the Auction House to make more gold.
Gold Portal – Gold
Red Portal – Boss.
Guardian RaidDropsSell drops at the auction house when you don’t need them.
CubeDropsSell engraving books at the auction house.
LifeDropsSell materials obtained through life activities or produce battle/ special items at your stronghold ( Estate) and sell them on the auction house.
Gateway MapsDropsIf you obtained a key from a navigation co-op event you then can participate at the gate events which have a chance to reward you with gold.
Chaos GateSecret MapGet gold from the secret map auction and from selling map runs with 3 other player’s secret maps. (This will be sent to your mailbox, not your mail at the top of your screen. Red mailbox in main cities or if your pet is activated you can get your gold through there. )
MerchantsExchangeMost items that merchants sell can be placed in the Auction House.
Examples: Merchant Ships in each harbor, Silmeal Blood NPC in each major city, Pvp Token NPC.
Cash ShopExchangeSell star crystals from real money for gold at the cash shop. Capped at 10 deals per day.

How to Find Your Adventure Islands!

Beneath your mini map in the top right corner there is a widget you can add called Procea’s Compass. This icon will allow you to open another window showing you the events that will spawn today.

At the far right side you will see Adventure Islands, click schedule and it will open another window so you can see which islands will be spawning today.

If you see an indication of gold, that will be the island giving out gold for the day. Island gold varies. Between 220 – 780 gold. Gold rewards depend on item level and item type.

Also!!! On the left hand side of your screen there is a blue widget that looks like a stopwatch showcasing upcoming events. Chaos Gates, Ghost Ships, Marine Events, and other spawning Islands that have a CHANCE of giving gold. How much is unknown at this time.

Weekly Gold Sources!

With alts, more gold can be achieved.

Una’s Tasks (Alt + J)

You can complete daily and weekly quests to earn points, which then can be exchanged for a gold box.

Gold Pouch

200 + Gold
Required tokens 80

Chance to obtain:

  • Light Gold Plate (100 Gold)
  • Heavy Gold Plate (1,000 Gold)

Gold Chest

600 + Gold
Required Tokens 200

Chance to obtain:

  • Light Gold plate (100 Gold)
  • Heavy Gold Plate (1,000 Gold)

Gold Casket

1,250 + Gold
Required Tokens 500

Chance to obtain:

  • Light Gold Plate (100 Gold)
  • Heavy Gold Plate (1,000 Gold)
  • Gold Bar (10,000 Gold)

Abyss Raid


  • Phase 1 – 1,500 Gold
  • Phase 2 – 800 Gold
  • Phase 3 – 1,000 Gold

Abyss Dungeon

No Gold reward with item lvl 1415 or higher.

Oreya’s Heart / Distraught Forest

  • Normal – 700 Gold
  • Hard – 800 Gold

Rotting Glade

  • Normal – 800 Gold
  • Hard – 900 Gold

Legion Raid


  • Normal – 3,300 Gold
  • Epic – 4,500 Gold


  • Normal – 3,300 Gold
  • Epic – 4,500 Gold


  • Normal – 4500 Gold

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