Lost Ark – 5 Rare and Easy Achievements to Get Right Now

All you need is a friend or a stranger who doesn’t mind helping…

Guide to 5 Rare and Easy Achievements

Duel Victory

  • Win 1 duel

Simply ask someone to duel, and win (or have them step out of bounds to win easily).

Am I Too Strong?

  • Opponent declines 1 or more duels

Ask someone to duel, and if they decline to fight you, the achievement is yours!

Strategic Victory

  • Win a duel by forcing the opponent out-of-bounds 10 times

After starting a duel, this is as simple as the other player walking outside the duel area…repeat 10 times and you can have this achievement in minutes!

Tower Thrown

  • Win 10 duels by forfeit

After starting a duel, have the opponent type in “/forfeit” into the chat…this will cause the player to instantly lose the duel and victory is yours!…repeat 10 times and you can have this achievement in minutes!

Perfect Victory

  • Win 10 duels without taking any damage

Follow the previous guides for either Strategic Victory or Towel Thrown without any attacking and you will receive this achievement at the same time as the others!

How do I start a duel?

To start a duel, Click+Ctrl on another player, and select “Request Duel”.

Note: keep in mind you need to be in an area that you are allowed to duel in and not in a battle-free zone…I suggest Loghill if you are just starting the game…

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