Loop Odyssey – Tips for New Players

Useful Tips and Tricks

You can save and load sets of actions with the buttons above the action queue. I missed it originally because I thought it was for save game functionality. Anyways , it makes it really easy to makes paths for separate tasks or to have a base route that you can experiment with and reload if you mess something up.

You can also hover over an action in the list and its position will be highlighted on the map.

You can drag and drop any of the commands from the UI to the action list, inserting new actions anywhere in the queue. This works for the directional commands too.

Grouped repeated interactions at stone alters, eg green x3 + red x3 + blue x2, is a good way to quickly find approximately where in the list you are if you need to insert changes. eg “I need to add one more level up to the second alter in the loop.”

You can heal in two ways: Leveling up Body/Fighting gives current health (not max health), so time your level ups of body and there is one more but slight spoiler:

  • Talking to the Fisherman unlocks the ability to eat fireflies for health.
  • There is also leveling up defense including a skill that makes defense better and talking with another character will increase starting health.

Hint for midgame: Killing NPCs is very beneficial, try all of them.

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