Loop Hero – Basic Tips

The Lich Boss Tips

If you hover over The Lich during a fight with him, he has a special ability called Researcher, which gives him a 5% boost to all stats based on how many of his Palace buildings are still intact by the encounter. If you use Oblivion card, like with choosing the Blissful Ignorance skill that gives you a full hand of them, and annihilate his palace, he’ll be a much easier fight, as he can have anywhere between 3 to 8 palace structures on spawn. I’d also consider not placing down the final tile to spawn him until after you can comfortably sweep your entire loop without issue. Place a few Villages leading up to your camp too for healing if you feel you need to.

Even that, though, is only one strategy. His stats are mostly static. He will not get stronger with enemy level, so looping for better gear and prioritizing special defense stats like Evasion, Counter, Regen, Vampirism, etc, are almost always a surefire way of whittling him down. I actually managed to get him down to a sliver last run, but I failed one last evade to survive it. I didn’t even have Level 9 equipment either, so if one were really trying, It likely wouldn’t be an issue for anyone who grinds long enough.

Secret Tips

There’s also secret buildings and synergies you should know about, but that’s up to you.

  • If you straddle an EMPTY road, or Wastelands, with two Battlefields, they’ll turn into Bloody Paths that spawn Blood Clots which drop a good chunk of common or rare gear. Of course, this also spawns Chests and Mimics too, so you’ll basically have an entire 1-3 square region dedicated to dumping loads of new gear on you.
  • If you have Village and Vampire Mansions cards, placing a Vampire Mansion adjacent to a village will turn the village into a Ransacked Village, where a Vampire and 4 Ghouls will spawn every loop for 3 Loops. After 3 Loops, it becomes a Count’s Lands protected by the Vampire Mansion, and will give you MUCH better Quest rewards and a substantially greater heal on passing. A run saving combination for me.
  • If you place 9 Stones, or 9 Mountains and Stones, but not 9 Mountains in a square pattern, they will combine into a Mountain Peak that gives you an enormous health bonus and boost, 180+ health compared to the individual 66 health they would normally give you in that pattern, and will take into account additional nearby Stones or Mountains, but will also spawn Harpies every few days.
  • If you need resources to upgrade or build camp structures, completely surrounding a Treasury in blocks will turn the Treasury into an Empty Treasury, dumping a one-time deposit of a whole ton of resources into your inventory and occasionally spawning Gargoyles, which can be great for farming resources if you plan a line of Treasuries in advance.

There could be many more, and will definitely be more in the full release, but these are the ones I’ve found, and they’ve been instrumental in the late-mid of expeditions.

At the end of the day, if you can’t beat him that loop, it’s better to retreat with your resources, even if you are past your Campfire, so they can combine and build or upgrade with so you might be able to next run.

More Tips

As for tips, Cemeteries and Blood Groves are your friend. Skeletons have a pretty strong loot pool and are easy to kill if you have an okay amount of magic damage. Having a blood grove influencing your camp makes it insta-kill the boss at 15% hp, and Flesh Golems give absurdly good loot and aren’t very tough if fought in early loops, I’ve had Flesh Golems pay out with level 8 items of the highest rarety as early as loop 5 (that was a lucky run).

Also try to have loop x 5 defence if you can. This usually results in the mobs doing pretty normal-ish damage. If your def gets too low even the weenie stuff starts chunking you.

Also higher rarity doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes a gray item of the same level is better than a yellow or even an orange, because the main stat of the item gets pretty massively decreased to compensate for all the extra stats, if the main stat of that item is what you desperately need, then gray item can be best in slot. I have frequently replaced a level 5 orange or yellow shield with a level 5 gray shield to shore up my defenses. Because +5 defense was more valuable to me than +4% atk speed and +8% counter.

Lastly some stats suck for the boss. He does too much damage for regen/vampirism to mean much, and he attacks way too slowly for counter to really mean much. That doesn’t mean you can’t beat him by stacking these stats, but these stats are less efficient to stack against the boss compared to others.

Actual final advice, Regen is stronger then Vampirism early game when you don’t hit big numbers, Vampirism is much better late game. So in the early loops prioritise regen over vamp, and once you start hitting some big numbers, start looking for the big vamp numbers.

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